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Dominance is something that has always accompanied me since I was at school. I umiliated and abused of hundreds of italian studens when i lived in Italy: they learned to pay my feet in the school toilet and i gave them my piss. I found out all italians are faggots,
When you are in my presence you will be immediately impressed and fascinated by my charisma because it is not only a matter of beauty but above all of personality and these two qualities combined with my severity and sadism will make you lose your will. My mental pleasure is to see how I maltreated you and how I hold you in your mind.
It does what I say and how I decide it, there is no mean terms, expert, equipped and passionate.

I do not offer sex, but I suppose those who are aware of their role are well aware of this because a MASTER does not meet to give this type of service
Do not call at absurd times or with anonymous numbers, denotes rudeness and moreover do not answer, do not even send messages to ask for information, have the courage to call by doing it personally.

Practices Made

Adoration feet
Psychological domination
Punishment and torture
Forced Masturbation
Control of orgasm
Physical and mental humiliation
Dog training
Financial domination
Smoking fetish
Vulgar language

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